Confused by Building Fire Safety?

Confused by Building Fire Safety?
Have you been provided with advice only to have it second guessed? Queensland Building Fire Safety has a very simple purpose and should remain as simple as possible. Removing people from a building in an emergency should be simple, clear and concise, as the people involved are under a great deal of stress when a clear head is needed.

When wondering if the law fits to the Building Code, or fits to the Australian Standard or any other regulation, remember, when under the greatest amount of stress can everyone safely exit the building. This is the same as the statement from the Queensland Coroner when commencing the changes in Queensland. He described the purpose of the change as:
(a) to ensure persons can evacuate buildings safely and quickly if a fire or hazardous materials emergency
(b) to ensure prescribed fire safety installations for buildings are maintained.
Everything developed since this time has this as its goal. Any consultant who has provided evidence to the Queensland Coroners Court will be sure to know this and other fire safety information inside and out. Entering this arena will go a long way past a simple tick and flick sheet during a walk-a-round.

If you are in a room filling with smoke, there is little to no light, it’s getting very hot, people are running and screaming in every direction, you can’t see more than a meter or two, alarms are sounding everywhere, you are struggling to breath; At this point in time the propose of moving the exit sign from behind an obstruction to an open space above the exit door makes a lot more sense. Let’s act before we have to react.

Are you covered for the advice you provide?
Have you been requested to assist your employer to develop emergency procedures or take on the responsibility of a Fire Safety Advisor? Who is responsible for the information you provide as a result of this role. External providers have years of experience and training to provide professional advice in the specific area. They also have insurance to cover anything which may be overlooked in the process. If the experts need insurance, who is covering you? Winning Safety has worked with a number of businesses to assist them to get started with their own Fire Safety Advisor services. Why not get some piece of mind in ensuring things are set up correctly?

Once set up, you can take this to your insurance companies and enjoy the discounts from the reduced risk.

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