New Website Launch

Emergency Procedures Preparations

It is that time of the year again when a lot of us have enjoyed a break and we are returning to work to tackle another year.  It is also that time of the year again where we are all reminded of the need and the necessity to ensure our emergency preparations are current and up to date.  With the majority of our country experiencing extreme heat and fire danger the emergency services are providing warnings to ensure you and your business is prepared for any emergency in case the need arises.

In Queensland this is bolstered by the Building Fire Safety Regulations 2008 and the Work Health and Safety Act and Regulations 2011

Duty to prepare, maintain and implement emergency plan

(1) A person conducting a business or undertaking at a workplace must ensure that an emergency plan is prepared for the workplace, that provides for the following—

(a) emergency procedures, including—

(i) an effective response to an emergency; and

(ii) evacuation procedures; and

(iii) notifying emergency service organisations at the earliest opportunity; and

(iv) medical treatment and assistance; and

(v) effective communication between the person authorised by the person conducting the business or undertaking to coordinate the emergency response and all persons at the workplace;

(b) testing of the emergency procedures, including the frequency of testing;

(c) information, training and instruction to relevant workers in relation to implementing the emergency procedures.

It’s a good time to start the year with a new and fresh approach.  Winning Safety can assist with emergency preparation and planning for your workplace or building.

Emergency Procedures Qualification

In Queensland operators providing this advice to you and your business must hold a current qualification and licences.  To provide advice and to conduct this type of work you must hold the Emergency Procedures qualification with Building Services Association Queensland. 

Please conduct a search on your current provider to ensure they hold the appropriate qualification.

Launch of the New Winning Safety Website

Winning Safety has launched a new website with increased information to help you understand Building Fire Safety and Workplace Health and Safety.  Please take the time to peruse this website and see how Winning Safety and our consultants can assist you and your business to make you compliant.

For any work undertaken by Winning Safety before the end of February there is a special 10% discount so you and your business can start 2013 with compliant Building Fire Safety and Workplace Health and Safety. 

It is as simple as stating the code word on the website in any request for services.