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Who is Winning Safety

training2Winning Safety are risk management specialists who operate in a number of different sectors and at all levels of business.  Our services are often provided in partnership with legal, financial and insurance experts to assist and complement their services.  To achieve your desired results, our expert team assess and measure all of the risks identified.  We work to establish the scope of our services with the client with the aim of the deliverable matching the expectation.  This can range from a SME workplace audit to preparing a brief of evidence to be utilised by legal advisers in a regulatory investigation or civil litigation.  Our high level of professionalism and competence has seen us achieve results across a number of different sectors.

Our services are also utilised by real estate professionals to achieve compliance with building fire risk and public liability.  The services go well beyond this when dealing with larger facilities which regularly contain a number of tenants and stakeholders.

Our highly skilled team use their theoretical expertise and considerable practical experience to produce outcomes which are desirable to the client but still ensure compliance with the current legislation and standards.  The team will work with you to not only achieve compliance, they will work with you on the issues to implement the best outcome for your business.

Whilst risk management is our goal, “business innovation through safety” is what we aim to achieve

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Fire Safety Compliance ?


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Risk Management Systems



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