Capabilities Statement

We use a relationship based safety process that encourages active listening and promotes safety leadership. The process highlights and aligns the safety objectives of risk management, planning, supervision and training with the businesses productivity objectives.

The benefit to the organisation with the proper safety framework using this process is that safety becomes the mechanism to increase performance and profitability.


Our strategic objective is to empower people to make better decisions. When faced with a moment of truth verses trade-off when your personnel make the right decision, you immediately halve the negative risk to your business. We achieve this objective by ensuring;

There are clearly defined guidelines and a systems framework to support management, communication and responsibility - one set of rules for all.

There are practical rules of thumb to follow - everyone knows where the line is.

Realistic scenarios replace ambiguity and indecision - when an issue is raised, it is also closed out and the findings shared across the organisation.


We recognise that health & safety is a component of our daily lives. As such, we endeavour to impart an understanding of active risk management through our advice and behaviour.

We approach all projects with an understanding that health and safety must be simple and convenient to implement and maintain.

It is our aim to demonstrate how, by meeting the primary goal of a safe workplace; profitability and performance goals are also met.

Our qualified health and safety officers will provide a comprehensive written report with photographic evidence, after inspecting your property for health and safety risks. This includes clear identification of all hazards that are present, a complete risk assessment analysis and recommendations for the rectification of the hazards to ensure that the building or complex complies with the Workplace Health and Safety Act, current Australian Standards, the building code of Australia and other relevant legislation.


In a nutshell, people choose us because we are the right people for the job. Our past success has been achieved through a focus on practical risk management principles, delivered through a project managed approach, with a goal to improve business objectives.

At Winning Safety we believe that avoiding harm by managing risk is a core value to all individuals. We understand that everyone has good intentions of maintaining a safe workplace, however sometimes assistance is needed to meet legislative compliance challenges with limited resources or subject matter experience.

We also understand that in order for any solution to be successful it must;

  • be simple to understand,
  • be adaptable across a variety of situations,
  • be practical to implement and maintain; and
  • meet the businesses profitability objectives.

Winning Safety uses a process that goes beyond simply observing behaviour. It is designed to encourage “active listening” and promote safety leadership especially by managers in the workplace. With clearly defined guidelines and practical risk management, this process provides the framework to empower people to make better decisions. in moments of truth versus trade-off.

With the proper framework, an organisation can use safety as a mechanism to meet production and performance objectives and develop a culture of openness and trust.

Winning Safety have developed a team of experienced professionals who understanding that safety should be an asset to a business, not an expense. They have a practical working knowledge of business, project and risk management principles.

Through our strategic partners and associates we have the capability to provide a wide range of skilled professionals who work with us to ensure your success.