Investigation Services

investigations picWinning Safety has a team of experienced investigators who have years of experience in this service and have provided quality court evidence consistently as a result.  The investigator service provided complements our other services in the simple fact that we tailor our services to this same standard.  This means that if you require a Safety Management System or an incident investigation, we will provide this to the standard which can be articulated to any court as evidence.  This quality of service is a value to any business now and into the future.

We provide a range of specialist investigative services from the simplest of matters to complex and detailed investigations.  Our services are utilised by legal advisers in regulatory investigation or civil litigation matters.  We provide a brief of evidence which can be utilised at any level to achieve the desired result. 

Our highly skilled and professionally trained investigators provide services to government and private companies throughout Australia. 

We are committed to dealing with complaints, grievances and inappropriate workplace practices by independently providing expeditious results thorough open investigations with integrity. 

We have a proven track record which has produced results at all levels of enterprise.